Medical Bubble Hash Machine - Stainless Steel



rocket tank

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Medical Bubble Hash Machine Stainless Steel by Wacky Willy's - The 2 mechanical ball valve units ( 3/4in and 1/2in) are extremely comfortable to work with and can be connected to either top or bottom opening meaning they are effectively interchangeable. The strong Stainless steel legs have excellent and remarkably durable welds attaching them collectively.

The Rocket is a free-standing unit that does not need to be clamped or sustained down. The top tank lid boasts a multi latch system ensuring best and tight fitting. The upper ball valve can be fitted with the wracking pipe and be made to swivel inside the tank so you can really propose the jet stream inside.

Wacky Willy's - We have built long-term trusting, relationships with our clients, as we know the secret to success is not only good quality products, but a company that attains following its product, and Great customer service. We are here to support you in any way possible.

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