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The Commander blunt bubbler is ready for battle with an extra thick and durable design and triple slit, base-connected percolator that delivers full-bodied blasts of smooth, potent vapor. Just fit your blunt or joint into the frosted port and light up. Designed for maximum water filtration without sacrificing portability, The Commander will fulfill its duty of purifying, smoothing out, and amplifying blunt smoke every session.


Made of highly thermal-resistant borosilicate glass, The Commander bubbler is crafted to withstand the wear-and-tear of battle. The sturdy Army tank design is palm-friendly and rugged. A cannon-like mouthpiece sends straight blasts of vapor directly to the lungs. A wide chamber ensures thorough water filtration for comfortable inhales. Featuring an inert airpath, the Commander displays the natural flavor notes and aromas of herb with no added tastes or smells. Enjoy herb as it's meant to be experienced with a smooth, flavor-rich, and powerful character.


Equipped with a tri-slit diffuser, MJ Arsenal Commander offers triple the moisture conditioning. Smoke passes through three extra-thin slits, diffusing into fine bubbles that attach to more moisture. The resulting vapor is smoother and denser than blunt smoke, making for a more comfortable, enjoyable experience. Designed for durability, The Commander features a base-connected downstem. Sturdy and solid, this tiny but mighty blunt bubbler can travel with you anywhere and remain unscathed and ready to roll.

  • 3.1mm Thickness
  • Triple Slit Diffuser
  • Army Tank Design
  • Wide Water Chamber
  • Works with Most Joints and Blunts

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