'MJ's Arsenal' The Martian Glass Blunt Bubbler




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'MJ's Arsenal' The Martian Glass Blunt Bubbler - The item that has changed the way we smoke blunts, this product is the cleanest and most efficient way to burn blunts. With its spill-proof freestanding bottom and sensible small size.

The blunt bubbler has an ergonomically placed carb and a device that significantly reduces waste. This pipe is an ideal travel spouse that will never make your blunt wet!

- Mini discreet size, perfect for on the go use
- Ergonomically placed carb hole
- Spill-proof design
- Fits almost all rolled items
- One hitter function
- Both normal and directional airflow carb cap
- Made from high-quality borosilicate glass

Stash Lab Technologies - We offer the most innovative and unusual smoking accessories on the market. Purchase with confidence knowing this is the real deal, the patented Martian decal will stay watch over the Stash.

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