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Nugsmasher XP by NUGSMASHER - Nugsmasher Xp heated plates LED lighted, extraction fitted of 9500 PSI at the heat plates with a fluid force gauge for Master extractors. The unit gives for exact compatible results and intelligent of one full ounce per extraction comes ready to use out of the crate. Right pressure gauge for compatible extractions

This built-in pressure gauge allows you to pinpoint the precise amount of pressure for your material to maximize the variety and volume of your yield. Rising pressure off slow, and once the wanted pressure is met then that pressure needs to be maintained. Just plug it in, wait for your plates to heat up and you're ready to begin extracting rosin in a wonderfully pressed manner.

NUGSMASHER - Our latest Mini version is excellent for travel and grants a 2.5" liberal pressing area. All versions are built with solid steel and T6 6061 aluminum. We after each NugSmasher with an unmatched warranty on every part of the system and we are ready to help our consumers by phone or personally during ordinary business terms and via email and social media on weekends moreover after hours.

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