Ooze Smokus Focus Jetpack / White



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Prepare to blast off with the all new Ooze Smokus Focus Jetpack display and storage chamber! Take a look through the pristine acrylic glass. Peek through the powerful magnification window. This isn’t a display jar—it’s a miniature terrarium!

Featuring a wider base than the Eclipse and Horizon, the Jetpack jar provides a sleek lower profile without sacrificing volume, allowing you to easily slip it into a pocket or backpack. Its wide view and near-center magnification window make it ideal for displaying your favorite herbs, coins, stamps and other collectibles. And its built-in breather allows for airflow and humidity control, ensuring your flowers stay fresher, longer.

As with all Smokus Focus display and storage jars, the Jetpack jar features the highest quality components, from its bright LED lighting and scratch-resistant acrylic glass to its sturdy locking lid and high-powered magnification lens.

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