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RAW Organic hemp rolling paper - is produced from organic ingredients, pure hemp, free from chlorine, well-made, and is prepared in an eco-friendly method to perform a safe finished to cannabis advocates. A super thin, light tan results that burn extra slowly, smoothly and clean.

The color gives much lighter depending on the hemp's shade, as a raw standard, it uses similar crisscross propriety run-preventing watermark. This Raw Organic taste much better and gives you a joyful experience, made from pure hemp organic product. A smoke described as natural, clean, and perfect for any occasion.

RAW Organic Hemp 1½
32 leaves per pack
24 packs per box

Rawthentic - Leader of the rolling pack industry. We made natural and eco-friendly products to our consumer to enjoy the moment in a simple way. Our product is coming from high-quality ingredients to develop a top selection and the satisfaction in every next level of smoking.

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