PuffCo Vaporizer




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PuffCo Plus Includes:
(1) Temp controlled battery
(2) Full atomizer set
(1) USB Charger
(1) Cotton Swabs
Puffco Pro 2 Includes:
(1) Full Pro 2 vaporizer
(1) Hard Case
(1) USB Charger
(1) User Manual

The PuffCo Plus vaporizer pen is the winner for HighTimes vaporizer of the year. This vape pen has a nice and sleek design with a polished finish. The video above shows exactly how easy it is to use on the go. The atomizer on this device is very unique having a deep ceramic chamber which can hold about a 3rd of a gram. There is also a ceramic rod wick wrapped in a titanium coil within the heating chamber. When loading the chamber with at least .2 grams, you are able to produce clouds similar to that of a dab rig. This has never been the outcome of a vaporizer pen therefore you can understand why High Times magazine chose it to be the vaporizer of the year. Please watch the video above for instructions as well as tips and tricks on how to get the best performance from this vaporizer.

Another amazing option here is the Puffco Pro 2. This is the vaporizer everyone was obsessed with before it was discontinued in order for the Puffco Plus to steal the spotlight. Many enthusiasts urged Puffco to release a new version of their original flagship vape and so they did. The Puffco Pro 2 vaporizer is the industries leading pen style device that has be released with minor tweaks helping it dominate the market. At the price of only $89.00 you are surely receiving more than just your money's worth. 

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