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Pure Blend® Tea by Botanicare - Pure Blend® Tea is a tea extract that is efficiently assimilated by plants grown in hydroponic, soil, and soilless mediums. Select components are turned with humic acids to deliver each element’s different attributes into this blend.

• Greatly improves crop quality
• Maximizes plant’s aroma
• Ultra-pure sulfonated humates
• 100% water soluble
• Enhanced vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids.
• Valuable carbon source
• High chelation capacity
• Suitable for all growing methods
• Prevents salt buildup
• Compliments mineral based nutrients
• Revitalizes dead and overworked soils.
• Benefits of all fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Pure Blend Tea, Botanicare’s unique flavor and aroma-enhancing supplement, is now better than ever. The Original Pure Blend Grow and Bloom methods have been united to produce one remarkably effective formula. This special bottle formula, once again, sets the enterprise standard; using premium essential components derived from all original sources.

Botanicare is devoted to producing superior products, expert advice, and support to help growers provide better crops. After 20 years of change, and studied we have perceived the industry and our blossom Company. We are committed to finding new methods to encourage growers to do what they do completely - grow.

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