Puriclean X5 Quick Cleanse & 5 Day Cleanse




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Puriclean X5 is double the strength of the typical cleanser and begins working instantly with technology specifically formulated to rid your body of toxins. With two unique products in one, the 16 oz quick cleanse and optional 5 day cleansing, Puriclean X5 is designed to be one of the best and most effective body cleansers on the market. Feel the Puriclean X5 difference from a cleaner, healthier body today!

  • Double Strength
  • Two Products in One; Quick Cleanse & 5 Day Permanent Cleanser
  • Instant Acting
  • Cleanse and Purify
  • Safe and Effective


This product is designed for people with moderate toxin levels. We recommend avoiding toxins 24-48 hours before taking. Take 1-2 hours before desired clean time. Drink entire contents of bottle, then fill up bottle 2-3 times with water and drink. Urinate 3-4 times. Take product on an empty stomach. Avoid cigarettes and other toxins 3 hours prior to and after taking product. Product will last 6 hours.

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