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Push Button Battery Rechargeable Battery by W VAPES - offers the incisive edge in rechargeable vape pen batteries: the 350mAh push button battery. These push-button batteries are smart and smooth, along with a USB charger. Open in four colors (Silver, Red, Purple, and Green)

Using seasoned semiconductor technology. We’re so assured you’ll like your W Vapes result that any of our rechargeable battery kits, vape pens, and oil cartridges arises with a 100% fulfillment guarantee. Regularly keep sufficiently charged and ready to go at a moment’s warning.

W Vapes - Adhere the highest quality standards to satisfy the craves of individuals users of herbs and oils. Our product is produced in a proper way, well maintained, premium and durable to assure the highest potential. We use pesticide-free from local growers to surely delivers you the organic and all natural ingredients, taste, and experience.

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