Quartz Thermal Banger w/ Finished Joint




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The newly designed Thermal style banger is made of high quality quartz and has revolutionized the banger game. The double wall design insulates the heat so it is concentrated to where you need it. The outer wall captures the vapor and provides a smoother smoking experience. Don't let any of your material go to waste - this design effectively vaporizes puddles that build up on the edge of the bucket with the use of a directional or bubble carb cap (sold separately).

  • Quartz Thermal Style Banger
  • Wide Dish Allows for Larger Amounts
  • Effectively Vaporizes Puddles with Carb Cap (not included)
  • Thick Quartz Retains Heat Longer
  • Outer Chamber Captures Vapor
  • Available in 45 or 90 Degree Joint
  • Available in 14mm and 18mm Male or Female Joint
  • Finished Joint
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Glass Thickness: 2mm

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