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RapidStart by GENERAL HYDROPONICS - Applying RapidStart arouses productive root branching and development of fine root hairs that develop nutrient uptake and grow healthier, whiter roots. RapidStart can be practiced for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, Coco blends and hydroponics. RapidStart improves your growing experience by delivering nutrients that produce explosive root growth.

Hydroponics Rapid Start is a rooting enhancer produced to give your plants explosive growth and aid in early flower development. Made from purified mineral nutrients, plant extracts and amino acids, this powerful formula will make your plants (and yields) explode! Using RapidStart encourages root growth while improving plant vigor and yield.

General Hydroponics - A motivated group of scientists, engineers, and technicians came together with an enthusiastic goal: to develop agricultural excellence and innovation through the use of key manufacturing processes and cutting-edge research. In thrusting General Hydroponics, that team formed a foundation that's enabled us to increase in meaningful and industry-changing directions.

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