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RAW Cone Chiller u2013 James Bond level device

As a pioneer of the smoking industry


continues to develop unique devices that enhance smoking experience. In one of the previous articles, we introduced

RAW bubbler

, which meant to cool down the smoke of rolled up goods. Cone chiller has a similar purpose, but fulfils it in a more elegant way.

The glass device consists of a cone holder and a cooling chamber, which contains a gel that is able to retain near freezing temperatures. The smoke goes through the chamber experiencing the chilling power that guarantees deeper and smoother hits.

So far, I have had a plenty of fun with Cone Chiller, it looks dope and gives great aesthetically feelings. The only way you know you are smoking is by feeling the taste after inhaling, the hits are crispy and cold. Cone is extremely easy to use, just toss it to the freezer for approximately 10 minutes and roll up your joint meanwhile.

Glass mouth-piece makes it very convenient for smoking with friends as unlike joint spacer it is easy to maintain clean. The device is made of Borosilicate glass yet its tiny size makes it quite fragile, be careful and do not forget it in the freezer!

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