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Raydiator Titanium Pipe

The Raydiator Titanium Smoking Pipe is a masterfully crafted pipe made from premium titanium surrounded by High Grade Aluminium as a heat sink. It comes complete with 2 Titanium Gaze and glass rods to add that individual decorative sparkle.

Raydiator Titanium Pipe Features

  • Titanium
  • Aluminium Heat Sink
  • Decorative Glass Rods
  • Herb Pipe


By using Titanium in the bowl, gauze and draw pipe this pipe is totally inert and will not impart any flavours to your chosen smoking mix. This pipe will last for years and is virtually indestructible, premium smoking pipe for the discerning smoker. Made in the USA from the finest quality materials.

Aluminum Heat Sink

The aluminium heat sink surrounding the piece ensures that your hands are well insulated from the heat of the pipe. Every sesh with this piece will be comfortable and easy.

Decorative Glass Rods

The coloured glass rods featured on this piece ensure that it truly pops, making it an attractive and portable vape that any herb fan would be proud of.

Herb Pipes

Herb pipes are among the most efficient and quick ways to enjoy your herb. They are easy and discreet to transport and quick to pack.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Raydiator
Length 101mm
Material Aluminium, Metal, Titanium
Mouthpiece Straight

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