Rock Glass - Triple Chamber Glass Bong

Rock Glass - Triple Chamber Glass Bong

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  • 18 inches tall
  • 18mm female joint
  • Three filtration chambers
  • Maximum filtration
  • Three showerhead percolators
  • Huge perc bong
  • Large water chamber
  • Ice catcher
  • Bent neck mouthpiece
  • Comfortable grip
  • Dewaru2019s joint
  • Sturdy base
  • Extra-thick borosilicate glass
  • Scientific design
  • Three color options

Three Times the Filtration

The Rock Glass Triple Chamber Glass Bong offers a premium smoking experience with three


chambers that diffuse the smoke for extra-cool, smooth rips! Crafted with thick borosilicate glass, this scientific bong is the best choice for both new and experienced smokers!

Designed with smoke filtration in mind, the Rock Glass Triple Chamber Glass Bong features powerful percolators that ensure you enjoy each hit! After moving through the joint, the smoke enters the water chamber, which begins the smoke cooling process. As it rises through the body of the perc bong, the smoke passes through the showerhead percolator. This glass feature has many slits, which remove the smokeu2019s harsh qualities to create a more enjoyable taste. This happens twice more before reaching the top of the water pipe! Thanks to the ice catcher, you can

insert ice cubes in the top of the bong

for even cooler smoke, without worrying about them falling in. The bent neck prevents splashback entirely!

With a sturdy base, you can place this piece down on your coffee table without worrying about it falling over. The Dewaru2019s joint reinforces the connection between the joint and the water pipe, preventing damage from light falls.