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Roll-uh-Bowl™ | Orange Sherburnt by ROLL UH BOWL - Roll-uh-Bowl™ / Orange Sherburnt is simple to store fold-able, manageable silicone water pipe. All Roll-uh-Bowl™ units develop equipped with a Graffix™ movable downstem, alloy removes a bowl and silicone storage band. When you’re done, pour out the water, take the down stem and eject-a-bowl out and put them back into the Roll-uh-Bowl™, then fold it over and slip back on the band.

Can be comfortably stowed in your pocket, pack or purse, making it the excellent companion for your trips – whether you are going hiking, biking, camping. Solely require a very portable, unbreakable solution for meditating on the go, such as at performances or parties, the Roll-uh-Bowl™ is for you! The band keeps the bowl and down stem securely in place while you’re off on your adventure.

Roll-uh-Bowl® is flavorless, odor-free and comfortable to clean - simply raise the bowl and downstem and put it in the dishwasher, or rinse with soapy water to clean. When you’re not using your Roll-uh-Bowl®, the bowl and down stem are securely saved inside the folded unit assuring safekeeping until you’re ready to rock. Portable, unbreakable strong silicone waterpipe, Made in the USA.

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