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Roll-uh-Bowl™ | The Purps -  furnished with a Graffix™ detachable downstem, alloy remove a bowl and silicone "Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere" storage band. A convenient to store fold-able, portable silicone water pipe.

• Translucent Purple
• 8" tall when in use
• 1-1/2" diameter
• 9mm Graffix™ Composite Down Stem w/ GLID 1way stopper ball
• 9mm alloy eject a bowl
• Odorless & flavorless
• Easy to clean
• 100% Grade VI Healthcare Silicone

Roll-uh-Bowl® is flavorless, odor-free and comfortable to clean - simply raise the bowl and downstem and put it in the dishwasher, or rinse with soapy water to clean. When you’re not using your Roll-uh-Bowl®, the bowl and down stem are securely saved inside the folded unit assuring safekeeping until you’re ready to rock. Portable, unbreakable strong silicone waterpipe, Made in the USA.

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