Sabertooth 2.5" Cyclone Grinder w/ Clear Bottom


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Sabertooth has revolutionized the smoking industry with the world's best tobacco grinder; The Cyclone. The Cyclone Grinder by Sabertooth is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is patent protected, making it a truly one-of-a-kind tobacco grinder. The precision machinery is unrivaled and produces the most consistent ground tobacco you'll find compared to any other grinder.

The Cyclone consists of a grinding chamber, storage chamber with pollen screen and a pollen chamber. Each Cyclone Grinder is packaged in a custom Cyclone box and includes a very useful scrapper tool. The Cyclone Grinder by Sabertooth is available in several colors with a solid or clear bottom.

  • Revolutionary Grinding Pattern
  • Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Built to Last
  • 4 Stages; Grinding Chamber, Storage Chamber, Pollen Screen and Pollen Chamber
  • Included Scrapper Tool
  • Custom Cyclone Packaging
  • Available in Several Stunning Colors
  • Patented Design

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