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The SkyBlue Vapor™ Deluxe - produces you the everything you require to experience Concentrates, Herbs, and Essential Oils. Our multi-functional pen enables you to efficiently switch out atomizers, depending upon what you are vaping. We have combined 5 of our high-end model atomizers in this package to give you the full SkyBlue Vapor™ experience.
Relax and enjoy your favorite descriptions in our Pyrex glass required oil atomizer. With everything involved, there is a little something for everyone! Our pen is our passion and we have completely tested every aspect of our products.

Our low-temperature vapes keep everything accurate and excellent. Cooler functioning temperatures enable you to preserve your stash and take more hits. The entire SkyBlue Vapor™ product line is hand-compiled and quality assured. Our stringent quality insurance process verifies that your pen is in perfect condition upon receiving, assembly, and once more before it reaches your door!

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