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SkyBlue Vapor™ Original Black Vape Pen - Vaporizes quickly with Essential oils, dry herbs, and concentrates. One of the best vape pen for weed as it has a locking technology that locks the atomizers directly to the battery.

Super smooth and safe that is perfect for travel anywhere you go. Depending upon your vaping action, you can easily switch the atomizers with its multi-functional pen.

This device is proven to be safe as it is made from premium material to enhance the durability standards. Nowadays, juice for atomizer and vape brands especially the SkyBlue Vapor have explored the possible potential to give the individual the taste of the joyful moment with ease of use.

What's in the box?
• 1 Case
• 1 Battery
• 1 Concentrate Atomizer “Click” Lock
• 1 Mouthpiece and 1 Mouthpiece Cover
• 2 Dab Slabs
• 1 Micro USB Charger
• 1 Packing Tool
• 1 Brush
• 1 Container
• 1 User Manual

SkyBlue Vapor product provides a high-quality assembled material to give the best fits to individual passionate in vaporizing. We made a compact, sleek and durable device to puff every single moment peacefully. We keep the temperature in low to reach the excellent potential and a modest operation for a virtual smell proof.

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