Slim Variable Temp Rechargeable Battery For Concentrates, Thick Oils and Clear by S6xth Sense Vape




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Slim Variable Temp Rechargeable Battery - is 380 mAh which is suitable for days of vaping. It is changeable energy and has 3 temperature set­tings and a pre-heat warming capacity, each designated by colored LEDs certainly a battery built for thick oils, distillates, concentrate and clear.

The SLIM battery Master chefs apprehend that the right heat is needed to cook fine meals and assert the accurate flavor. Don’t overcook your dainty oils. Pre-Heat Warming (Rainbow), Low-Heat (White), Med-Heat (Blue), High-Heat (Red). The bat­tery constitutes a ‘floating pin’ which concedes for sustained value with any 510 threaded cartridges.

Slim – variable voltage battery with 3 heat settings
Micro USB charging cable- Vape while charging!

S6xth Sense Vape - Passionate to make a solution for individuals cravings in Digital Cannabis. We aim to provide a good source of vape's oils and essentials in a convenient way. Maximizing the genuine potential of vape pens and give the consumers an immeasurable production stand on the particular interest.

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