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Be an Indestructible Badass

If you lead a rugged and dangerous lifestyle, or you just want to make a solid investment then this all-metal collection of pipes and gear for the cannabis enthusiasts is for you. You can store, grind, and smoke up your nugs with this collection and never have to worry about breakage from dropping your piece. 

The Incredibowl is a time-tested favorite of 420 Science and it's the best steamroller pipe made. The trigger release makes it hit even harder. The medium Poikit Rokit is a slim and airtight way of storing your herb and the Cali Crusher will grind them with ease.

We've bundled up all kinds of fantastic kits for cannabis enthusiasts. No matter what your preferred method of consumption is, we've packaged items together that will improve your sessions and get you toking like never before! 


  • Pokit Rokitz Aluminum Storage Tube
  • Incredibowl m420 Steamroller
  • Trigger Release System for the m420
  • Purple Cali Crusher OG 2 in 4pc Solid Top

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