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Sploofy Replacement Cartridge by Sploofy - The Sploofy Personal smoke filter enables you to smoke indoors without lingering smoke and aroma. Solely exhale your smoke into the Sploofy and watch it switch your smoke into clean air. Sploofy was my first "real sploof" and has done great produce since day one.

Due to the intensity and shape, it is excellent for those that want to hide the aroma of smoke at home and do not require stealth-like anonymity. While this sploof is one of my particular favorites, there are some hindrances that I will cover additional down in. Sploofy can conveniently fit in the palm of your hand with a sleek mushroom-like purpose

Sploofy - Much appreciation and happy dabbing. Here at Sploofy, we are committed to producing you the highest quality vaporizers associates in the world. As the inventors of this genre of vaping it are our purpose to represent the cutting edge of vertical vaporizing tools and techniques.

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