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Beaker Bong

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This stemless beaker ice bong from our own EDIT Collection is made from 4mm thick borosilicate glass. Equipped with an inline showerhead percolator, this frosted glass piece also features a female 14.5mm removable bowl,  14.5mm female vapor slide, ice notches, and an inventive jug-style handle. 

  • Inline Showerhead Percolator

  • 4mm Glass Thickness

  • Removable Bowl Slide

  • Vapor Slide
  • Ice Notches

  • Jug handle For Ease Of Use

  • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection 

Inline Showerhead Percolator

Featuring the popular and highly effective showerhead percolator, this glass bong supplies the user with a significantly cool, clean hit. Forcing the water through the showerhead’s slits, the perc helps increase the surface area interaction between the smoke and the water. This results in a large amount of diffusion which in turn helps cool down the hit and remove carcinogens.

Ice Notches

Featuring 3 pinch ice notches, the glass piece allows the user to drop a number of ice cubes down the tube. This forces the smoke to pass through the ice and results in an immensely cooler hit for the user.

Removable Bowl

The female-jointed 14.5mm glass bowl can simply be removed by the user, allowing you to easily insert your own vapor dome and nail. This converts your sturdy glass bong into a dab rig for which you can use your chosen concentrates.

**Please note that bowl style may vary from item pictured**

Technical Specifications

Brand EDIT Collection
Glass Thickness 4.5mm
Height 251mm
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Material Glass
Percolator Showerhead
Width 101mm

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