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Sweet® Raw by BOTANICARE - Sweet® all essential mineral supplement includes a different combination of natural compounds and essential elements directly involved in plant photosynthesis and breath. Gives stress-free transitions and hearty, fruitful crops. Improves your plant's essential flavors and fragrances.

Sweet Raw meets the metabolic demands of plants throughout their life cycle by producing vital compounds when the plants need them most. All Sweet flavors are accurately formulated with carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins, and amino acids to guarantee a stress-free transition in the fruiting/flowering stage. Sweet Raw includes no bioactive esters like the other Sweets as it heightens fruits and flowers characteristic aroma and flavors.

Botanicare is devoted to producing superior products, expert advice, and support to help growers provide better crops. After 20 years of change, and studied we have perceived the industry and our blossom Company. We are committed to finding new methods to encourage growers to do what they do completely - grow.

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