Takumi by Yami Vapor CBD - CBD Vape Tincture - Umai - 250mg-500mg


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Yami Vapor CBD’s new Umai Tincture is for that cannabidiol-lover in your life who is always craving something sweet. The taste profile is similar to that of a Japanese dessert – more specifically, a rich custard with a flaky, fresh exterior. It’s a flavor you’re unlikely to find anywhere else – a far cry from the generic, fruit-based flavors that less sophisticated brands so often crank out. This tincture liquid has been made with the purest and most effective cannabidiol isolate, as well as 50% VG and 50% PG. Feel free to use this product on its own (in your e-cigarette or universal vaporizer device), or try blending it with other flavors to create a unique, sweet flavor concoction that could have only come from Yami Vapor CBD. Available in two strength-based sizes.

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