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Swan Mod Vaporizer by S6xth Sense - Intelligently crafted, designed, stealthy, and touch that can be used by most cartridges available today. A complete battery solution for your vaping needs regardless of cartridge product source.

The protection for overcharging, overcurrent, overheat, overload, and short-circuit are necessary for the quality standards. For extended usage, the "Class A" 650 mAh battery prolongs the time of usage as you enjoy the experience. The Swan Mod Vaporizer has a warning feature for temperature so you can use the device in a safe environment. The pass-through charger gives you the freedom to use while on its charging phase, a must-have battery for all digital weed advocates.

• Size: 64mm x 31 mm x 16mm
• Tank Size: 64mm x 11 mm
• Battery: 650mAh
• Battery Type: Class A Lithium Battery
• 4 Temperature Ranges with Indicator
• Micro USB Port
• Safety auto-shut off for 5 minutes idle
• Safety Protection for Overcharge, Over discharge Protection, Overcurrent, Short-Circuit Protection, and Overload.

S6xth Sense Vape - Passionate to make a solution for individuals cravings in Digital Cannabis. We aim to provide a good source of vape's oils and essentials in a convenient way. Maximizing the genuine potential of vape pens and give the consumers an immeasurable production stand on the particular interest.

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