Vape pens Traveler: Blunt Wrapped Oil Vape Pen

Traveler: Blunt Wrapped Oil Vape Pen

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The blunt wrapped Traveler oil vape pen is a high quality single use disposable vape pen that looks just like your everyday cigarillo.  Pound for pound this is the best disposable vape pen you can find and the only one with a natural blunt style.  Weighing in at the same size as a standard mini cigar you can carry it anywhere easily.  It is also perfect for a single fill and is discreet enough to be used wherever you see fit.

This is a perfect alternative for the times when blazin’ a blunt just isn’t an option and you still want to take a nice puff.  Fill with your favorite oil or juice and take this disposable vape pen with you anywhere.  The looks that we get from our friends when we let them in on our secret with this pen are crazy.  They never think that this e-cigar that looks like it came out of the backwoods could pack so much technology and offer such a great puff. They work best with thin to medium viscosity oil.

Each Traveler: Blunt Wrapped Disposable oil vape pen allows a .5 ml fill and is good for between 100-150 puffs.  No

vape pen usb charger

is needed since these single use pens come charged and ready to fill.  There is no need for additional

vape pen batteries

, oil vape cartridges and it even come with a plastic safety tube for simple protection from the elements.

Contact us for wholesale and

custom vape pen

orders on this product.

*This product does not contain any tobacco products and is not intended for use with any illegal substance.

  • Rose Gold Traveler: Disposable Vape Pen

  • Black Traveler: Disposable Vape

  • Steel Traveler: Disposable Vape Pen