Tree Percolator Bent Neck Bong

Tree Percolator Bent Neck Bong

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With a vertical downstem that sends smoke directly into a tree percolator, this glass bong is an ultra-filtering, ultra-diffusing work of glass craftsmanship. Standing at a perfect 10u201d height with a super sturdy base platform, the Tree Perc Bent Neck Bong is ideal for indoor use and is also compact and durable enough to

bring on the road


Available to order in teal, blue, amber or black accented pieces in scientific glass. The Tree Perc Bent Neck Bong is a failsafe way to get the most out of your smoke.

Bong Features

- 10u201d Height
- 14mm Female Joint
- Tree Percolator
- Available in Teal, Blue, Amber & Black
- Flared Mouthpiece
- Bent Neck
- Thick & Sturdy Base Platform
- Scientific Glass

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