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Educate yourself in the fine art of the Cannabis Sommelier. This set of professionally developed tools is an easy-to-follow, and sequential process that encompasses both technical science and user observations to inspect and understand your herb. 

Interpening delves deep into the visual structure and olfactory senses that make up the different cannabis varieties – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid –and the effects they will have on your body.

The Interpening Kit from the Trichome Institute consists of four separate parts– the Guide Book, Weed Wheel™, Hash & Concentrate Wheel™ and Interpening Loop™. They work in tandem with one another to help you learn the process of Interpening™. The Guide Book is your in-depth source for any information found on the Interpening Loop and Weed Wheel. 

Ultimately, it equips you with knowledge, so the power is in your hands. In other words, it helps you know what kind of bud you are smoking!

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  • Created by Max Montrose of the Trichome Institute
  • Guide book and tools teach about identifying cannabis variety types and various qualities using your sense of smell, and visual examination
  • Includes Guide Book, Interpening Loop™, Weed Wheel™, and Hash & Concentrate Wheel™

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