Ultimate Pipe - Two-in-One Flower & Dab Pipe




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Are you both a smoking aficionado and a dabbing connoisseur? Tired of having to switch out all of your equipment when changing between the two? With the Ultimate Pipe, you can go from smoking your favorite dry herbs to sucking up tasty dabs in seconds. The Ultimate Pipe is the world's first glass blunt that can also be used as a dab straw. The inner quartz tubing separates down the middle for the easiest cleaning experience possible. A stainless steel screen fits inside the quartz tubing which is then slid into the silicone sleeve. While you might be worried about the silicone melting from constant use, the shockproof, 550°F heat resistant sleeve will protect your goods and keep its shape. It even comes in your choice of color. The Ultimate Pipe can be filled with dry herbs and smoked like a regular glass blunt or used to inhale vaporized concentrates. If you find yourself dabbling in both sides, the Ultimate Pipe is the best choice.

  • Used with Herb or Concentrate
  • Includes Smell-Proof Stash Jar
  • Tubing Separates for Easy Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
  • Food Grade Silicone
  • Made in the USA

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