Under The Sea Fumed Glass Pipe

Under The Sea Fumed Glass Pipe

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We present to you: a fantastic themed pipe for sea lovers! The Under the Sea fumed glass pipe has swirls of oceanic blues and greens to bring the love of the water into your hand. While this

pipe does not contain water

, it resembles a birds-eye view of the ocean deep!

Glass millie spots in the glass mouthpiece look like lotus flowers floating on the surface of the sea. The bowl piece has swirling green, blue, and yellow fumed glass, with a green marble for stability.

There may be other fish in the sea, but this will be the only one you want to smoke out of!


  • Fumed glass hand pipe
  • Yellow, blue, and green glass swirled to look like the ocean
  • Green marble on bowl piece for comfort while

    using the carb cap

  • 4-5" (pipes are hand-made, which means that the size and shape will vary slightly)
  • High-quality glass for sturdiness