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Urth CBD’s new Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice boasts a bold, fizzy, sour kick that will send your taste buds reeling with pleasure. It’s the kind of taste that will make you contort your face in delight, before you ease into a warm, welcoming mellow due to this product’s high concentration of top-tier CBD isolate. The flavors in this e-juice have been patented by a seasoned mixologist who has been creating industry-defining flavors for almost a decade. This juice is currently available in three separate strength-based sizes and has been designed for use with all sub-ohm tanks. Contains a 60/40 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio. Trust us – after one puff of this stuff, you’ll never go back to regular, boring raspberry flavors ever again. This product has been lab-tested and approved to meet the demands of Urth CBD’s customer base.

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