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Wulf Duo by Wulf Mods - You can take from four different voltage settings to customize the experience to your affection. The voltage settings are 3.4, 3.6, 3.8, and 4.0V. The housing is built from tough material and made to take lots of wear and tear.

Consists of a mouthpiece and cartomizer which is recessed into the mod. Different LED colors serve the goal of letting you know which voltage setting is being practiced. Everything is performed with a simple one-button operation.

Wulf Mods - is an advance company in the vaporizer industry with products for every aspect of vaping. From our concentrate domes were for your essential oils and concentrates, to our Wulf Vape lines designed weed enthusiasts, to our new Wulf Mod Rig for dabbing that's cooperative with any regulated box mod.

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