5 Easy Steps to Cure Cannabis & 7 Reasons Why You Need To Do It!

May 19 , 2020

5 Easy Steps to Cure Cannabis & 7 Reasons Why You Need To Do It!

Curing weed is one of the most important processes before you can enjoy your bud. Curing your cannabis effects the preservation of it as well as the flavor profiles. Good weed, bad weed and mid-grade weed should all be cured for the best possible smoke. By curing weed sloppily, you could severely alter the terpene tastes of your weed nugs. The cure won’t effect the THC content but can enhance potency. What does potent mean? It doesn’t only mean the percentage of THC but of the percentage of other cannabinoids and terpenes combined with it – the entourage effect.

Good weed vs. bad weed

We can all tell the difference between top shelf cannabis and seedy slop grown, but whether it’s good or bad, mid-grade or sticky weed, curing will enhance your smoke experience. Here is your guide to how to cure marijuana, curing buds for best taste and troubleshooting – all your questions answered about curing weed.

cure cannabis smokePrior Planning Prevents Poor ….toking! Photo: @lilly_mcpilly

Curing marijuana and why?

Curing cannabis includes drying the buds and then letting them sit for a while – like letting your steak rest – for the best taste possible. Curing marijuana can be done simply by “air curing”, freeze dry, water cure or even with dry ice. Your harvest needs a cannabis cure for five important reasons:

  1.     Prevents mold
  2.     Reduces anxiety
  3.     Smoother smoke
  4.     Enhanced high and taste profile
  5.     Prolong the shelf-life

How to cure bud?

Drying and curing buds is important for the taste and preservation of your weed. You can cure marijuana buds in just a few weeks, but many growers agree: the longer the better. How long to cure weed? At least two weeks, but 8 weeks will improve the quality significantly. Curing weed can easily be done in 5 simple steps outlined below.

5 steps to air cure weed – the easy way

  1.     Trim and dry
Trim your plants – cut off the branches of your plant instead of individual nugs as this makes it easy to dry your weed. Set up a string in a well-ventilated area and clip the stems to the string. Let them dry for a few days before curing.
  1.     Manicure your buds
To manicure your buds, you want to trim off each individual nug and remove any stems and leaves.
  1.     Jar your buds
Store your buds in cannabis jars – dark-colored jars are preferred but not necessary. If you only have clear jars, make sure to store your jars in a dark cabinet or closet so no light is exposed. Make sure to seal these jars air-tight. You don’t want any air to seep in for the first few weeks – kind of like wine – you don’t want oxidation.
  1.     Store the cannabis jars
Store your jars in a dark place where your buds won’t be exposed to light.
  1.     Let your buds breathe
During the first week, let your bud breath every day. Like a good wine, you want it to breathe before enjoying. Every day for about a week, open your jars a few times a day for a few minutes to release any moisture and humidity in curing jars.

Weed smells

What does weed smell like before curing? It smells like weed. It is an earthy and skunky smell. Suring the curing process, keep your nose alert to the smell of ammonia. If you smell this, it means the weed was not dry enough in the beginning and now will most likely mold. You can try to dry the weed further and try to cure again, but be warned that it might be too late.

Water curing weed

This is like a bath for your buds – it washes off substances that create a harsh smoke. Many people prefer water curing because it is much faster than the air cure, taking just 1 week. With that being said, water curing requires a bit more maintenance than air curing and you have to be very careful to completely dry your buds so mold doesn’t form.

4 steps to water cure weed

  1.     Trim
Trim individual buds off of your plant, making sure to remove stems and leave.
  1.     Submerge in water.
Pack your buds into jars and use DISTILLED water to submerge the buds all the way.
  1.     Change water everyday
Make sure to change the water every day for 6-8 days. You are trying to clean your cannabis, so letting them sit in filthy water defeats the purpose.
  1.     Dry buds
This is the most important step. You need to make sure to dry your buds all the way. Start off by draining your jars and patting down the buds with paper towels. Then you will want to dry your weed as fast as possible in a well-ventilated area.

Dry weed fast

You can easily dry weed with a well-ventilated room. You can also place the buds on a porous steel grate with fans blowing from underneath it. It is very important not to have the buds in plastic or an enclosed space as it will maintain water and cause mold to form. An herb drying box can be a helpful tool for successfully drying weed. Many people might get impatient and wonder can you smoke wet weed? The answer is no. Don’t try to smoke wet weed unless you accidentally got your last nug wet… it won’t be pleasant.

cure dry marijuanaWe love the hanger idea: creative and organized! Photo: @greenjarproducts

cure cannabis weed jar

We know it’s hard to let your tasty buds sit on the shelf to cure, but, trust us, it’ll be worth the wait! Photo: @the_cannabis_critique

Curing your bud is the crucial finale of smoking top-shelf product. Not only will it preserve your weed longer, but it will also give it a better taste, better high and less anxiety symptoms. The easiest way to cure is the air curing way: drying and curing weed in airtight jars in a dark and dry place, but this will take 4 weeks. Water curing weed is fast but takes a bit more maintenance and experience. You can try out both and find your preference using this weed-curing guide.


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