Advertising Policy

(Written by the Weed Republic Team. Jan 2021)

Weed Republic’s mission is to be your trusted ally in the world of CBD, Vaping and Cannabis. We’re committed to bringing you authoritative, well researched, quality content that you can trust. All the content is created under strict editorial guidelines to ensure accuracy, currency and clarity. 

We (Weed Republic) are an independent, advertising-supported, product comparison and reviews website. If you buy a product or service, from this website we may earn a referral fee. Although these fees enable us to support a team of writers who help provide the latest news in the sector for our readers, commercial considerations do not affect our editorial stance towards the products we feature. The opinions presented on this site are only ever those of the Weed Republic editorial team. Additionally, we only use affiliated links (fee generating links), where they offer readers products that are equal-to or better than those they would receive by going direct.

We greatly appreciate it when you choose to use our links to buy something and we aim to be upfront about which products we receive compensation for.


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