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    CBD has been gaining fame and popularity worldwide as we learn more and more about its many incredible properties. Now you can even find it on grocery store shelves in a ton of forms, from CBD tea and coffee to CBD patches for 24-hour relief. This incredible part of the cannabis plant offers medicinal benefits such as pain relief, particularly from inflamation and chronic conditions, improved sleep (patients report both falling alseep more easily and staying asleep more soundly), and even relief from your anxiety! But CBD wasn't always the readily available, highly developed thing it is today. In fact, CBD faced a great deal of opposition before more and more stories surfaced about its seemingly-miraculous powers. Charlotte’s Web is one of the first and most famous CBD oil stories around. This humble origin story of how it helped young Charlotte Figi overcome her debilitating seizures made headlines around the world. It remains a major pillar in the CBD market today. You can buy it in the original, extra-strength, full-strength, and maximum-strength formulas, depending on the potency you need. Grab a bottle today and you'll be feeling the relief in no time!

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