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5 Maintenance Tips to Make Your Vape Pod Last Longer

5 Maintenance Tips to Make Your Vape Pod Last Longer

Vaping has become immensely popular, with approximately 41 million people choosing it worldwide in 2018 alone. The statistics are not unusual. Vapes are convenient, flavorful, and easy to handle, so more people are trading in their cigarettes. These devices use aerosolized vapor instead of harmful smoke to mimic cigarette smoking. The high-quality liquid used uses glycol, nicotine, or different flavors release distinct scents that make the experience very pleasurable.

While it sounds like a treat to carry your vape device around, it still needs maintenance. Unlike a cigarette that you can throw away, vaping devices need proper cleaning and maintenance. So here's how you can look after  and how to make a vape last longer:

1.    Understand the Vape Pod

Vape pods are small devices that use different cartridges with the liquid of your choice. You vape the juice through the mouthpiece magnetically attached to the device. It also contains coils that need proper cleaning periodically. Even if the device sounds simple, you can quickly reduce its shelf life with improper management. It also helps to find a high quality vape in the first place. Check out the various vape pod deals online and do your research before making a purchase to help you understand vape pods all the better.

2.    Use High-Quality E-Juice

Premium e-liquids are the core of vaping. You want a complex, flavorful liquid that offers you a smooth experience. From the moment you inhale the vapors to the minute you exhale clouds, quality e-juice can make or break your experience. If you purchase top-notch liquids, not only do they burn better, but they also taste good. They also make sure that your device stays cleaner for longer with no leftover residues that clog it up.

So, pay close attention to where you're getting your juice from. Go for reputable companies with good standing and positive reviews.

3.    Clean The Coils

When your cartridge starts feeling weak and has a lingering unpleasant taste, it is time to clean your system. Regular use gradually induces this aftertaste to your puffs. The pod cartridge is attached to the battery with metal connections coils. So, when you press your vape device, these coils heat up and convert the e-juice into a vapor that you enjoy. However, small amounts of nicotine can seep out and accumulate on the coils, disrupting heat flow and causing a sour taste.

All you need is to clean the coil with a cotton swab covered in water or alcohol. One rub and the coil is good to go. If you wish to take it a step further, prime the coils with a few drops of e-juice and use it on a low wattage before cracking up the heat. The e-juice will taste more intense and flavorful, and you won't need to resort to chain vaping to get the buzz you enjoy.

4.    Clean The Vape Pen

The vape pen's body tends to get dirty and clogged. So it would help if you also cleaned the pen. If you have a device that can detach, make sure you disassemble the pen for thorough cleaning. Start by taking the pen apart and scrubbing off any visible residue, which you can safely dispose of in the dustbin. Then, depending on your vape model, it may be a good idea to soak it in diluted alcohol. Just make sure that it doesn't cause any discoloration.

Don't forget that your mouthpiece needs cleaning too. All you need to do is rub it with a cloth, and it's as good as new. Once you're happy with your cleaned pen, reassemble the components and prepare them for the next vaping session.

5.    Always Store The Device Safely

A vape device is not impenetrable – if you don't store it safely, it can be damaged and clogged fast. The mouthpiece is most prone to getting lodged with debris and trash. So, make sure that you don't leave it out in the open when you're not using the vaping device. If you feel your mouthpiece looks dirty, check the storage container for any leaks, or change the location where you keep your vape pen.

6.    Mind The Batteries

Vape devices use batteries, so there are several hazards that you need to avoid. When you expose them to extreme temperatures, you can risk the battery malfunctioning and destroying the pod. So, make sure you keep your vape pod away from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures in your drawers.

When charging the battery, you can't leave it overnight as the battery may get overcharged and catch fire. So, make sure you know when you left your device on charge. The battery is an essential component that activates the vape, so if you mishandle the battery, you get to use your vaping device at all.

When Should You Clean Your Vape Device?

How to Clean Vape pods? Mindlessly cleaning any device ruins it, so only clean the vape pod when needed. When you buy a new pod, the device is good to go for the first few months, and there isn't much residue build-up. But, after that time has elapsed, you should examine the device and clean it before refilling it with e-juice. Here are some more signs that your vape device needs cleaning:

  • Build-up. When you start noticing signs of nicotine build-up, you need to clean the device. These particles are easy to detect and cover different components inside your vape pod. The longer you leave this residual build-up, the more complicated it gets to clean.
  • Obstructed Pathway. If there is little or no vapor when you push the button to inhale the vaporized liquid, something is amiss. Unless you've run out of e-juice, the liquid should vaporize flawlessly, so lack of vaporized liquid indicates an obstruction. It would help clean the mouthpiece and the pod to open it up.
  • Too Much Force. If you have to use too much force to inhale the vapor, that means the device needs cleaning. There may be multiple blockages in the device, so either wipe it down with alcohol or disassemble the device and clean it up.

Final Thoughts

Vape pods are safer to enjoy a relaxing habit than resorting to cigarettes. These devices are easy to use, come with different flavor juices, and are convenient to carry. However, the only drawback to owning a vape device is its maintenance. If you choose to skip taking care of it, you may need to replace the pod more often than you like.

So make sure you keep it clean and dry when you see apparent residue build-up. Like any electronic device, please keep it away from temperature fluctuations and charge it from time to time. Once you get into the habit of looking after your pod, you can enjoy using it as much as you like.

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