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5 Ways to Make Sure You Get the CBD You Paid For

5 Ways to Make Sure You Get the CBD You Paid For

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of using CBD and you may well be considering using some for yourself. But you might also have heard that some people don’t always get what they pay for and end up with something that has little to no positive effect. It can be particularly difficult for new users of CBD to know what to look for to ensure they are buying the real thing. Below we take a look at how you can make sure you do get what you are paying for.

  1. Look For Experienced Companies

The CBD industry has boomed in recent years and, in 2020, around 33% of American adults had used CBD at least once. As a result, many businesses have sprung up to try and profit from the surge of popularity of CBD products. Many of these will be fledgling companies that haven’t acquired much experience in the industry yet. Even if those businesses do have genuine intentions of delivering quality CBD, you might still end up with an inferior product simply because the company itself was given a poor quality product.

An experienced company, however, will know just what they need to look for. They will have the right connections with suppliers that deliver good quality CBD and will also be able to get good deals, helping them make their products more affordable to you.

  1. Buy Online or from Trusted Stores

With CBD sales expected to reach almost $2 Billion in the United States in 2022, there will be a lot of poor quality suppliers trying to get in on the action. Online stores are a good source of good quality CBD products, however. It’s also fairly easy to tell which stores have a good reputation and which ones don’t. If buying from Amazon or similar, you’ll be able to read through the feedback other buyers have left, helping you determine which store to use. Whether buying online or in person, you can also search online for reviews to see how well a particular store is trusted.

Many people buy CBD from Veritas Farms, which is a well-established firm with a great reputation. They have a sophisticated website that gives you easy access to many resources, and a wide range of products to choose from. As with other stores, it’s easy to look them up to know before you buy that they’re a reputable company.

  1. Use of Organic Sourcing

Where you can, make sure to ask for organic CBD products. Organic CBD has been made from hemp that has not been treated with fertilizers and other chemicals. For one thing, this helps to make the CBD more potent, and more effective at treating your ailments. For another, it also means your CBD product won’t contain chemicals that might cause unwelcome side effects. If a store doesn’t sell organic CBD then you should consider shopping elsewhere instead.

Another reason to insist on organically sourced products is the potential harm that chemicals can do to the environment. For example, pesticides can seep into nearby streams and rivers, potentially causing catastrophic damage to the wildlife living there.

  1. Ask For Test Results

Just because some CBD products are effective at helping relieve symptoms of ailments, it doesn’t mean all of them are. Some products may not contain enough CBD to have the desired effect, or maybe the active properties have somehow been lost in the production process.

With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to ask about test results. If a CBD product does what it claims to do then the manufacturers should be more than happy to brag about it and show the test results to anybody that asks for them. If they are reluctant to do so, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

  1. Know What Other Terms on the Label Mean

Many CBD products will also contain other compounds and chemicals that you might not want to be consuming. One example is THC, which is the active compound in marijuana that makes people feel high. A lot of people would want to avoid THC because it can cause some very unwelcome side effects. There’s even the chance that THC could show up in a drug test, potentially causing you legal problems.

Before choosing which CBD products to buy, make sure you know what the ingredients on the label are to help avoid unpleasant surprises. You should be able to find out all you need to know by looking on the internet. Don’t buy any CBD product if you don’t know what it contains. You might otherwise end up ingesting something that is very bad for you, potentially giving you some serious side effects.


In order to get a CBD product that is genuinely beneficial to you, you will need to make sure you’re buying the right thing. The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to make sure you get what you are paying for. Simply follow the brief guide above and you are well on your way toward making the right decision.

Remember that there are many more sources online that can help you and plenty of people willing to lend their experience and advise you on what to do. Take the extra time to ensure you are buying the right thing and you’re likely to get a product that does exactly what you are expecting from it.


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