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6 Simple Life Hacks For Natural Stress Reduction

Natural Stress Reduction

We have come a far way from the times when man lived a peaceful and calm life. In today’s world, we have to cope with multiple things at the same time. The security of our jobs depends on our performance. The cost of living has escalated, breaking all boundaries. 

Competition has increased in all fields. It is becoming exceedingly difficult to cope at all levels. This has gradually led to an alarming increase in stress levels all over the world. We have compiled a list of 6 simple hacks which will help you to reduce stress naturally.


1. Indulge in Simple Exercises

Any kind of physical activity helps in relieving stress a great deal. It keeps your body active which in turn helps your mind to escape the situation for some time. The body releases endorphins during any kind of physical activity, as well as neurotransmitters that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. A sedentary person is more likely to suffer from increased stress levels, frequent sleep disturbances, and an irritable mood. Any kind of regular exercise also reduces the symptoms of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. 

2. Reduce Screen Time and Phone Use

In this time of widespread, accessible digital technology, a lot of work is done with the use of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and computers. We cannot do without them, but excessive use is known to increase stress levels. People who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens experience depleted psychological and mental health. It also results in an increase in stress levels in children as well as adults. Extended screen time also results in insomnia which further increases stress levels.  

3. Use of Supplements

The response of your body to stress and regulation of your mood relies on a sufficient supply of minerals and vitamins. Any deficiency in these nutrients can have an adverse effect on your mental health and you may find it particularly difficult to cope with stress. Certain dietary supplements are also available that help in reducing stress and improving one's mood. The use of cbd gummies is also known to help in stress reduction. A depletion in magnesium levels may result in chronic stress. Rhodiola, B vitamins, ashwagandha, and L-theanine are some supplements that also are known to reduce stress levels. 

4. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for the overall mental or physical health of an individual. Your health is affected by not only what you eat, but also the portions that you eat. If your diet consists of highly processed foods that include a high sugar content, you are more likely to suffer from high levels of stress.

Even if your diet is not complete in the required minerals and nutrients, you will suffer from certain deficiencies which in turn will increase your stress levels. In order to reduce your stress levels, cut down on the intake of highly processed foods and maintain a healthy, balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, beans, and seeds. A well-nourished body has increased resistance to stress. 

5. Learn to Say No

Many times, people suffer from stress because they are unable to cope with the amount of work they allot to themselves. Most of the time, the workload increases because people are unable to, or refuse help from others. A slight change in your attitude towards others will help you reduce your stress levels to a great extent. 

You may feel uncomfortable refusing to take on a certain job, but you need to be selective and have your priorities in the right order. There are certain tasks that you can delegate to others while some things need your personal attention. Choose wisely. Reducing the workload on your plate by delegating the appropriate things to others will help you cope and monitor your stress levels. 

6. Indulge in Self Care

You must learn to love yourself and set aside some ‘me-time’ for self-care. Pampering and indulging in your hobbies is one of the best natural stress busters you can think of. Some of the activities you can indulge in that will reduce your stress are:

  • Cooking
  • Going for a walk
  • Reading
  • Visiting the spa
  • Doing Yoga
  • Listening to music
  • Lighting scented candles
  • Exercising
  • Practicing your hobby

Indulge in Self Care

Nowadays, stress has become an integral part of everyday life. If not checked at the right time, it can lead to chronic mental disorders like depression and anxiety which might require proper medication to cure. Instead, a few lifestyle changes can ensure that you remain mentally healthy and significantly reduce the levels of stress that you experience.

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