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Breakfast Ideas: How to Make Ganja Tea

Breakfast Ideas: How to Make Ganja Tea

Few things will get you high faster than a joint. However, there are times you just want to do things differently. This is in part because edibles, such as weed cakes or marijuana tea produce an entirely different high. Additionally, not everyone can smoke, requiring a different consumption method. In these cases, ganja tea is a great option. 

Read on to find out how you can prepare this tea. 

Decarboxylate the Herb

Before you make any cannabis edible or drink, the initial step is to decarboxylate. If you don’t do this, you won’t get the benefits of consuming weed. Let not this word scare you! Decarboxylation is a word used to describe a simple process that entails heating up cannabis to convert THCA to THC. THC is what makes you get the high associated with weed.  

To attain this, heat your oven to between 220°F and 245°F (105°C -120°C) and put some ground cannabis flowers on a cookie sheet before baking it for about 40 minutes. 

You can then use the weed products, including cannabis tinctures, to make cannabis edibles or beverages.  

Top Breakfast Ideas with Weed

Following are some of the ideas for making ganja tea: 

Butter is an essential element of breakfast for most people. So, we believe that tea made using cannabis butter is a great breakfast beverage. Brew a mug of tea as you would usually do before mixing in cannabutter. The amount to use will depend on the potency of the cannabutter you have and your tolerance. If you are not sure about these, use a teaspoon for a mug of tea. 

  • Add weed-infused oil 

If you don’t love the idea of taking melted butter in your tea, you can use infused cannabis oil instead. Use the preferred flavor, but your best bet could be coconut oil. Simply brew a mug of tea and then mix with your chosen weed-infused oil in the amount you would normally take. 

  • Use weed stems 

While we are used to consuming different products, such as weed flowers and cannabis tinctures, we hardly use stems. If you have some weed stems after harvesting the buds, don’t throw them away! Put them to use by making ganja tea. Grind the stems and decarboxylate them. Then take a few grams of the powder (approximately one tablespoon), put them in a tea steeper, and steep in a hot mug of water for approximately 7 minutes. 

  • Make tea using cannabis tinctures. 

Is there anything you can’t do with cannabis tinctures? Yes, there is, actually. However, with cannabis tinctures, the possibilities are so numerous that you may be forgiven for thinking they are endless. While the list of things that you can make out of cannabis tinctures is long, they are particularly versatile when it comes to making edibles. One of the greatest creations you can get from them is cannabis tea. To make ganja tea using cannabis tinctures, begin by brewing your tea as you normally would. Next, add some tincture to the tea. Cannabis tinctures are water-soluble. Therefore, they will dissolve easily. The amount you need will depend on the potency of the tincture and your tolerance. Consequently, the best bet is to use the same amount of cannabis tincture that you would always go with. 

Final Word

Here you go! These are some of the ways to make ganja tea. However, make sure you only use high-quality products to make your tea. If you are looking for the best cannabis tinctures, CBD concentrates or extracts, or CBD tinctures, visit us for the best deals. Enjoy your ganja tea with our superior products!

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