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How to CBD Vape oil: Dos and Don'ts Checklist

How to CBD Vape oil: Dos and Don'ts Checklist

Inhaling CBD vape oil is now a popular method of taking CBD. Having said that, it is also the most misunderstood and controversial amongst all CBD administration methods. In this article we will go through a few dos and don'ts checklist before starting your vaping journey.

How CBD Works?

The primary way in which CBD interacts with our body is by attaching to receptors in our endocannabinoid system. This interaction produces a physical effect that leads to more or less overall health benefits from using various forms of CBD (oil, tincture etc). Both THC and CBN interact with these same cannabinoid receptors. However, they do so differently than CBD, producing different effects. Vaping essentially puts you into direct contact with high levels of concentrated cannabinoids which can lead to greater medicinal effects as well as greater unpleasant effects when used improperly.For that reason, it's best to know what you're doing when administering CBD this way.

#1: DO Schedule Your Vape Sessions:

If you are not familiar with THC and its effects on your mind and body, then there are some things that you should be aware of. One of those is the phenomenon known as "greening out."  If you have ever smoked or ingested cannabis in edible form just a little too much, then you probably have at least a minor idea of what this term refers to. It is basically a feeling of nausea that can often come about from consuming too much THC for your system to process efficiently. The good thing about the effects of vaping CBD oil compared to smoking weed is that they are generally milder and take a lot longer to come on.  However, given enough exposure to high levels of CBD and its short half life in the body, it is entirely possible that you could green out from vaping CBD oil too frequently. 

Vaping for instance three times a day every day will place consistently high levels of CBD in your system with no let up in between sessions. Depending on how much CBD you are vaped, this can lead to a somewhat unpleasant feeling and possibly a brief state of dizziness or light headedness after each session . This feeling generally goes away within an hour or so but does require some getting used to. For example:  If I vape more than twice a day then I notice that my head starts feeling kind of foggy and slow and I feel slightly depressed/apathetic. This only lasts for about an hour or so, however, after which time it passes and things usually return to normal.  If you are especially sensitive to this effect then consider spacing your CBD vape sessions out by at least four hours each (2 in the morning , 2 at night).

#2: DO Take CBD in Conjunction With Other Supplements: 

Finally, when taking high doses of CBD oil orally or smoking it, one should always take a full range of supplements to go along with it to maintain homeostasis . This means that when consuming large amounts of any cannabinoid (including CBD), we must also consume sufficient quantities of Vitamin C, Omega 3 Fatty Acids , and plenty of water. In this way, we can prevent possible deficiencies from occurring within our system due to the massive amounts of other cannabinoids being consumed at any given time. 

#3 DO Check The Purity Of Your Vaped Cbd Oil:

Well, we hope this article on how to vape has helped shed more light onto your questions and concerns surrounding the use of this amazing health supplement as a viable alternative or addition to your pain management routine. In order for this medicine to overdose or poison you, you would most likely have to consume several grams worth (no one has ever died from CBD overdosing) in one sitting -- which is extremely unlikely considering the natural ingredients found within this liquid. Also check out the types of vapes here.

#2: DON'T Overdo It 

The effects of vaping large quantities of CBD oil all at once also resemble smoking weed in a way that there is essentially no "ceiling." With very little practice, you can take as much CBD as you want into your system with essentially no negative side effects besides feeling extremely tired afterwards. However, if you end up taking too much CBD (more than your body can process) then you will end up on the floor.  The best way to avoid this is to taper off of how much you take at once until you get used to your new method of taking CBD and are able to gauge how many milligrams are right for you.  If vaping, start with a small amount and go from there. If you're just starting out then it's recommended that you take about five or ten milligrams for every twenty pounds that you weigh, preferably spread over a few hours in the morning and before bedtime (but not within four hours of each other).

#3: DON'T Vape With THC:

One thing to keep in mind when vaping CBD is that you do not want to mix it with THC. THC and CBD are both cannabinoids derived from the same plant, but have different effects on your body once consumed, as discussed above. This means that taking a mixture of the two could lead to some pretty wacky results and possibly an uncomfortable feeling. For this reason, if you are looking to vape any form of cannabis oil then keep in mind that CBD works best in isolation . Vaping pure tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or even mixing it with another cannabinoid such as cannabinol (CBN) will produce effects quite unlike those produced when vaporizing high-cannabidiol cannabis oil alone . If mixed, one should be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage of CBD when taking either substance alone.

#11 DON'T Mix Vaped E-CBD Oil With Alcohol:

So, to recap, this article has discussed three different (yet similar) ways that you can use CBD oil in your day to day life -- as well as some tips and tricks on how tweak its effects when it comes to taking a higher dose. This way, you should be able to come up with a smart strategy of your own for using e-liquid as an alternative pain management supplement based upon whatever works best for your lifestyle and needs . Remember that having constant chronic pain isn't going to make enjoying life any easier and getting relief shouldn't be a hassle. So, feel free to experiment with your own dosage and frequency of usage in order to come up with something that works great for you!

How Do I Tell if It's Working?

The best way to tell if a high CBD vape dose is working for you (or not) is by paying close attention to your body and mind throughout the duration of its effects. You should notice that any aches and pains go away shortly after taking the e-liquid into your system while also being more relaxed without feeling groggy or tired afterwards. If this does not occur, then it may be time to up the dosage slightly and/or make some changes with regard to frequency of administration and other factors. Remember, CBD has no negative side effects for most people so don't worry if you are feeling a little weird while taking your medicine or are feeling tired afterwards. It's simply doing its job to make sure that your body is functioning at an optimal level. So, it's safe to say that there really isn't a wrong way to take CBD oil -- as long as you're not mixing it with THC (or getting behind the wheel anytime soon after ) then you can pretty much feel free to make any adjustments you see fit in order to get the desired effects.

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