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How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery: Safe and Easy Methods

How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery

If you've ever wondered how to hit a cart without a battery, this comprehensive guide will provide the answers. We delve into the specifics of using alternative power sources like Android and iPhone chargers to energize your vape carts. This method can be particularly useful when dealing with a dead battery or broken cart.

We'll begin by explaining how to prepare an old Android charger for use with your vape cartridges. The process involves cutting the cable to expose wires and carefully stripping the black and red wire.

Next, we'll demonstrate how these prepared wires are connected directly to your vape cartridge. You'll learn about inserting the black wire into the cart and touching the red one to its exterior.

The final section discusses powering up safely and taking that much-needed hit from your vape cartridge even without a fully charged battery at hand. Moreover, we also explore an alternative method involving iPhone chargers despite their complexity in hitting carts without batteries.

Preparing Your Android Charger

Hit the cart without a battery? No problem. Grab an old Android charger and let's get started.

Selecting an Old Android Charger

Find an old Android USB cable with a standard USB plug on one end and a micro-USB connector on the other. Don't be concerned about any harm that could come to it - we'll use it for something else.

Cutting the Cable to Expose Wires

Using wire cutters or scissors, carefully cut off the micro-USB end. Strip back about an inch of outer insulation from the remaining cable to reveal four small wires: red, black, white, and green. We only need the red and black wires, so trim away the white and green ones.

Stripping the Black and Red Wires

Strip approximately half an inch of insulation from both the red and black wires, revealing bare metal underneath. Handle exposed wiring with caution.

Now that your Android charger is prepped and ready, it's time to connect it to your cart. Check out this safe wire stripping guide for more tips.

Connecting Your Cart with a Prepared Charger

Ready to connect your android charger to your cart? Follow these steps to avoid damaging your cartridge or causing potential harm:

Inserting the Black Wire into the Cart

Gently insert the stripped end of the black wire into the bottom of the cartridge where the battery connection hole is located. Avoid forcing the wire to prevent damage.

  • Insert just enough of the stripped end of the black wire into the hole.
  • There should be no resistance when pushing in.
  • Twist or wiggle slightly for a secure fit, but avoid applying too much pressure.

Touching the Red Wire to the Exterior of the Cartridge

Hold the stripped end of the red wire against the metal exterior surface of the cart without letting it touch the black wire inside. Avoid any movement once the connection has been established to prevent interrupting the power supply.

Powering Up and Taking a Hit Safely

After connecting the wires correctly, you're ready to power up and take a hit from your cart. Follow these guidelines to ensure safe and effective use of your makeshift method:

Plugging in the USB Cable and Taking a Hit

Plug the Android USB cable into an active source, such as a laptop or wall adapter. Once connected, power will start flowing through the cables, heating up the oil in the cartridge. Take slow, steady draws to avoid overheating and damaging the device.

  • Safely plug in the USB cable, ensuring a stable connection between all components.
  • If using a laptop, ensure it's plugged in and charging to provide the consistent voltage necessary to heat up the oil.
  • Maintain a slow, steady draw to prevent overheating and a burnt taste or wasted product.

For more tips on vaping with cartridges, check out Vaping 360.

Key Takeaway: 

This section provides instructions on how to hit a cart without a battery by connecting your cartridge with an android charger. It includes steps such as inserting the black wire into the cart, touching the red wire to its exterior, and powering up safely using an active source like a laptop or wall adapter while taking slow and steady draws to prevent overheating.

Powering Up and Taking A Hit Safely

Ready to power up and take a hit from your cart? Don't forget to take precautions to avoid overheating the coil or wasting product.

Plugging in the USB Cable and Taking a Hit

First, plug your Android charger into a reliable power source. Hold the red wire against the cartridge while keeping the black wire inside. When you see vapor forming, inhale through the mouthpiece without applying too much pressure.

Safety Measures for Hitting the Cart Without Battery

DIY methods like this can be risky, so take safety measures seriously:

  • Avoid Overheating: Incorrect use or excessive use can cause overheating. If you feel any unusual heat, unplug everything and let it cool down.
  • Maintain Distance: Keep a safe distance between yourself and exposed wires to avoid accidental burns.
  • No Prolonged Use: This method isn't meant for prolonged usage and can damage charger cables and cartridges over time. Use sparingly until you can access traditional vape pens/batteries.

Alternative Method Using iPhone Chargers

Instead of an Android charger, you can try using an iPhone charger; though this requires more intricate wiring knowledge to correctly identify the colored wires across various models. However, this method is more complex due to the intricate wiring system. You'll need to identify the correct colored wires, which can vary across different models. Check out detailed guides online for more information.

Despite the complexities, some users prefer sticking with their familiar Apple products. But for those new to the vaping world, the simplicity and ease of the Android USB cable method might be a better option.

Alternative Method Using iPhone Chargers

Can an iPhone charger be used to hit a cart without a battery? Yes, but it's not as simple as using an Android charger. Apple's intricate wiring system makes it more complex to identify the correct wires and connect them properly.

The Complexity of Using iPhone Chargers for Hitting Carts

Unlike most Android cables, Apple uses different color coding schemes across various models of their charging cables, making it trickier to identify which wire serves what purpose. Even after identifying the correct wires, connecting them correctly poses another challenge due to shielding layers or other materials that need careful removal before they can conduct electricity effectively.

Using an iPhone charger can be a tricky and potentially hazardous task, so it's advisable to exercise caution if attempting. Unless you have experience dealing with delicate wirings like those found in Apple chargers, sticking with old Android USB cables might be a safer bet.

  • Safety First: Regardless of the charger type you choose, always prioritize safety. Wear gloves, keep the work area clean and dry, and avoid touching bare skin against live current. One wrong move could lead to potential harm, including electric shocks.

For more information on Apple Lightning Cables, check out Apple's official support page.

FAQs in Relation to How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery

How to Use a Vape Cartridge Without a Battery?

If you don't have a battery, you can use an old Android charger to power your vape cartridge by cutting and stripping the wires and connecting them to the cartridge, but be sure to follow safety precautions.

How to Hit a Dab Pen Without a Battery?

Similar to using a vape cartridge, you can use an old Android charger to power your dab pen by cutting and stripping the wires and attaching them to the pen.

What Can You Use to Smoke a Vape Cartridge Without a Battery?

An Android USB cable is a popular choice due to its simpler wiring system compared to other chargers like iPhone ones.

Is It Safe to Use a Vape Cartridge Without a Battery?

It's not recommended to modify electronic devices in a way that they were not intended to be used, as it can be dangerous and potentially harmful. Additionally, promoting unsafe practices such as modifying electronic devices or using illicit substances or engaging in illegal activities is not condoned.

The Dangers of Minors Using Vaping Devices

It's important to note that the use of vaping devices by minors is illegal and can have serious health consequences, including addiction, lung damage, and impaired brain development. Parents and guardians should educate themselves and their children about the risks of vaping and discourage its use.


How to hit a cart without a battery:

Want to hit a cart but don't have a battery? No problem! Just grab an old Android charger, cut and strip its wires, and connect it to the cart for a safe and effective hit.

But what about using an iPhone charger, you ask? Sure, it's possible, but it's also more complicated than using an Android charger. Stick with the natural alternatives and manage your symptoms without relying on batteries.

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