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Top Things To Know About Bubblers

Top Things To Know About Bubblers

Cannabis is a widely-known herb that is used for many purposes – recreational or medicinal by many people. Smoking cannabis can always fetch you a diverse experience as there are many strains of this plant that are available widely throughout the market. You can choose the strain of your own choice and can smoke the same to obtain optimum benefits.

The standard procedure that involves while using cannabis for smoking is stuffing a bong full of dried flowers and then taking the same. You can also roll a joint and light it up to smoke cannabis to the fullest. Apart from this, there are many other exotic methods using which you can fire up this herb and its ingredients.

One such vessel using which you can smoke both hemp and cannabis plant is to use a bubbler.


What Are Bubblers?

Bubblers are considered to be very interesting and a different way using which you can smoke cannabis. This is a kind of water pipe and hence falls under the category of a bong. Yet bubblers are very different from what bongs are. They constitute their own advantages that are usually not available when you take hits from a bong or any other source of smoking hemp.

Just like a common bong, bubblers comprise of a mouthpiece. Other parts of this device include a bowl, a chamber holding water for the smoke to travel, and a stem. The chamber in this product makes sure that the smoke gets cooled in time, thereby giving you a smooth experience with each hit. Some bubblers also comprise of a percolator. This acts as an additional water chamber that aids in the process of cooling. Some models of this device also come with carb holes which allow for a cleaner and quicker clearing of smoke respectively. As this device happens to be a hybrid of the bong and a pipe, the resemblance is quite evident.


Why Use A Bubbler For Smoking?

One of the most common reasons why you should inculcate the use of a bubbler while smoking is that it helps to fill the middle ground between the bongs and pipe. This equipment is a very portable product that can be carried anywhere you want in a very discreet manner. It wouldn’t lead to the commotion and you can travel with it very effortlessly. Apart from being portable, a bubbler is considered to be very ornamental in terms of its appearance. You can even use this device as a decorative item in your room. Bubblers happen to be an efficient means of firing up weed and gives you the high that you expect.


What Are The Drawbacks Of Bubblers?

A bubbler may give you a little hard time in terms of maintenance. You cannot take the parts of this equipment apart as it has a lack of sections and parts. Many models of this product comprise of just one whole glass unit. Thus, it makes the process of cleaning this equipment a little difficult. However, cleaning this product is very important to maintain its hygiene and then to make sure that the product is operational.

The lack of removable parts of a bubbler has another drawback. Many products couldn’t be changed and improved by adding new pieces into the same. Thus, you cannot change the parts of a bubbler.


What Are The Different Types Of Bubbler?

Different kinds of bubblers are available widely throughout the market. You can explore some of the most amazing and aesthetically appealing options of this device by exploring different online and offline platforms. Here are the most common types of bubblers available in the market:

  1. Hammer Bubblers:

This type of device comes with chambers comprise of flat chambers. The presence of flat chambers allows this device to be placed steadily upon any kind of surface. The structure gives a nice balance to this device.


  1. Pendant Bubblers:

One of the most creative and aesthetically appealing options of bubblers is a pendant bubbler. This device could be thread along a piece of string allowing it to be worn around the neck as a piece of jewelry as well as a device of smoking cannabis.


  1. Double Bubblers:

This style of a device offers you a super smooth. Thus, you can use it at your house parties. It is equipped with two different chambers holding separate percolators. The smoke that comes out of the device is silky and cool. Their shape is quite distinctive as well.


This device is one of the most popular options that you can use in the present time to smoke weed, cannabis, and hemp. You can smoke your heart out with great comfort and convenience. Hence, what are you waiting for? Explore an extensive range of bubblers and buy them at the best prices.

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