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Trademark of Cannabis Culture: Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Trademark of Cannabis Culture: Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

is one of the top destinations in Europe: this is the city where you can feel the real freedom. Visiting Amsterdam is impossible without two things: walking along the Red light street and eating marijuana cookies in coffee shops. What is special about these places, and why so many tourists visit them? Let’s find out together.

Types of Coffee Shops

Wikipedia defines a coffee shop as a type of establishment that has received permission to sell hemp and its analogs. The work of coffee shops is regulated by the Dutch Opium Law and is controlled by local drug police. The fact of cannabis legalization in the Netherlands attracts thousands of tourists every month because all the assortment of herbies head shop can be tried here immediately.

A drug shop can be distinguished from a coffee shop by a sign with a green leaf on a white background. There are three main types of such establishments that tourists appreciate:

  • Chillout place ─ it has a relaxed, cozy, happy atmosphere, where you can listen to lounge music, drink some tea or coffee, smoke and talk calmly;
  • Neutral establishment ─ it is known for calm background music, where you can buy some beer and smoke;
  • Night club ─ here you can listen to loud modern music, drink a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages, and, of course, smoke.

In all coffee shops, the staff is friendly: the product is sold packed or weighed, they can also help you with the choice, suggesting how better to twist the pot. In Chillout style establishments, the “owner” can sell, communicate, help if the guest has gone too far, because the weed is not so harmless, and the consequences can be similar to when going over with drinks.

What Is the Price?

Prices for the main product can differ significantly. The highest rates are in the city center, but there is much more choice of establishments. The age limit is 18 years old. The price of one gram is usually from €5 to €35, so a high-quality potion can be purchased at €9-12 per gram. If you do not abuse your health, then this dose will be enough for more than one evening. At the checkout, they will definitely tell you that no more than 5g are sold to one visitor.

What Is the Effect?

Your feelings depend on the variety and combinations of the pot. It can be a sudden laugh, a silly mood, a long silence, etc. There are no hallucinations, but the dizziness and other individual reactions are possible. Some coffee shops offer cannabis muffins, but fortunately, there is no such unpredictable effect as you may think.

Finally, we do not recommend you to use drugs, as it can damage your health. However, when traveling to Amsterdam, you should definitely visit Coffee shops to feel the atmosphere of this city and enjoy its freedom.