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Beaker Bongs, a Must-have for a Soother-hit

Beaker Bongs

Smokers worldwide have always preferred water pipes, especially those who smoke frequently. Even with all the other water pipes available, the traditional beaker bong will always be one of our faves. Beaker bongs are designed specifically for smoking and offer a bigger water reservoir than traditional straight tube bongs, allowing for greater filtration and cooling with less water. You will always get smoother hits while smoking using a percolation device rather than dry papers or pipes. Additionally, you may adjust the size and density of the hit you get by angling the cigarette differently, contributing to a better smoking experience.

These legendary artefacts didn't only become famous because of how they appeared. A beaker bong is the most comfortable item to use for smoking. To chill and filter your vapour, you may connect one of these beaker bongs to your preferred stationary vape. The options are limitless! The bong will require less cleaning because of all the water, and its distinctive form makes it incredibly stable—a perfect combo for any smoker.

Silicone Beaker Bong 

I present to you the brand-new Silicone Beaker Bong from Eyce Molds. The food-grade silicone beaker bongs are free of BPA and include many secret features. To house your lighters, hemp wick, and other smoking equipment, each silicone bong comes with an accessible, concealed stash jar. The huge storage jar doubles as a rolling tray and a dab pad. The concealed section comes with a stainless steel dabber/poker tool and is ideal for storing wax, shatter oils or other concentrates.

Along with an ice catcher, a magnetic lighter clip is wrapped around the silicone joint of the borosilicate downstem, and a corresponding glass flower bowl is included with the silicone water pipe. You can choose from various colour combinations for these unbreakable, elastic, and portable beaker bongs.

Specifications include a registered design manufactured from nutritional-grade silicone with no BPA,   a water compartment with a beaker body, and a flexible style. 

Around the down-stem joint, a magnetic lighter holder that is durable and easy to clean, ready-to-travel clothing, contains a secret storage jar, a 14 mm clear glass vase, Borosilicate diffused down-stem, Includes ice catcher, comes with stainless steel dabber/poker tool, available in different colour combinations, full height: 12.5 inches, base diameter: 5 inches and sizes may vary. 

Glass Beaker Bong 

Glass beaker bongs may carry more water than conventional cylinder bongs because of their broad base. Because of the greater volume, smoke cools more quickly and delivers a smoother hit. Enhanced filtration improves the efficiency of the removal of harmful residue and contaminants. The bong is more stable and less prone to tip over because of its beaker form. Additionally, you don't need to replace the water as regularly because the bong can store so much of it. You also have less of a chance of getting the dreaded splashback. The excellent beaker bongs from Smoke Day are constructed from sturdy glass that won't break easily. They will serve you well for many years.

Not at all. Glass beaker bongs often produce a gentler hit than a straight tube. You can add percolators and ice notches to the effect to heighten it if you want to take things to the next level. This is the reason beaker bongs have been well-liked for so long. Beaker bongs are excellent presents for beginners. Beginners can start with a basic beaker and gradually add more as they get more at ease and start experimenting. Browse the assortment, then pick one for you and one for a buddy.

It's relatively easy to choose a beaker bong, but there are a few considerations to make. Price and water chamber size are two of these. Fortunately, beaker bongs come in a range of pricing and features. Since they are all thick glass, you can be confident that your bong is sturdily constructed. Before selecting a new gadget, thoroughly review the specifications.

A glass beaker bong is perfect if you dislike cleaning up a mess. When compared to other designs, they are rather simple to clean. They can be submerged in rubbing alcohol all over the base. Get a bendable brush so that you can thoroughly clean the foundation.

Upside-down Beaker Bong

Has there been a mistake in how we've been doing things all along? asks Upside Down Beaker Bong. Made from the best 5mm borosilicate glass in California, USA, This "Beaker" has a big inverted beaker base and a neck with a three-pinch ice-catcher. The design uses less water than a normal beaker design and enables a higher buildup of smoke. 

A 7-inch, 18mm male to 14mm female down-stem circulates the water in this chamber. This fantastic bong has Alien Flower Monkey Decals on the neck and base. The 14mm male funnel bowl and 18mm male to 14mm female down-stem in this upside-down beaker are for dried herbs.


Beaker bongs are designed specifically for smoking and offer a bigger water reservoir than traditional straight-tube bongs to give you a smoother hit! The bong will require less cleaning because of all the water, and its distinctive form makes it incredibly stable—a perfect combo for any smoker.