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Can Eating Mango Really Increase Your High

Can Eating Mango Really Increase Your High
The internet is full of weed myths of glorious ways to increase your high, sober you up, clear the weed from your system, and a whole slew of other things. One of the most common myths is the mango and weed myth. The idea behind this myth is that the combination of mango juice and weed creates a stronger high and/or makes your high last longer. But how true is this myth?

We’ll dig into the science behind this myth and give you a definitive answer once and for all.

healthy smoking munchies
These juicy mangoes are better than you could have ever imagined! Photo: @fruitbasketpak

The Science Behind Mango and Weed Myth

Many people swear that weed and mango makes them higher for longer, but how does it actually work? Mangoes contain a nice little terpene called myrcene that interacts with THC in a specific way that we think you'll enjoy. There are many positive effects myrcene can have on the body, including increasing the maximum psychoactive effect received from THC. This is due to the increase of maximum saturation levels in your body's CB1 receptor. Myrcene is also known for its anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as its effectiveness to treat spasms, insomnia, and pain.


Eating a Mango Before You Smoke

There are a few different ways you can use the glorious power of the mango to your advantage. The first of which is by eating a mango before your smoke session. This will help to increase the level of intensity you experience from your high. Eat the mango before you smoke, during the smoke session, or after you smoke. No matter when you eat the mango, you’ll still get the myrcene in your body, which will help make your high stronger.
Can Eating Mango Really Increase Your High

Slice these bad boys up to enhance your high! Photo: Stoner Things

Eating a Mango to Avoid Munchies

Many stoners like to use mangoes to put an end to the endless cravings that are munchies because they contain fewer calories and keep their high going strong for longer. Curbing your munchies with a nice juicy mango is way better for you than consuming endless amounts of potato chips. Couple this with the fact that this delicious mango will make your increase your high, we think this is a winning combination!


Do You Have to Eat the Mango?

To get the amazing effects of mango, you don’t necessarily have to eat slices of mango, but you do have to ingest the mango. You can have a smoothie made from fresh mango, some freshly squeezed mango juice, or enjoy a fruit salad with mango slices in it. The only thing is that you have to ingest fresh mango. It can’t be mango-flavored juice or a mango-flavoured candy; it has to be real mango for you to get the myrcene effects.
Can Eating Mango Really Increase Your High

Delicious and a positive effect on your high? Mangoes may have just been crowned Ruler of Fruitland! Photo: Sativasamadhi.blogspot


If you’ve been looking for a great way to get the most out of your high, try eating some mangoes. This magical little fruit contains myrcene, which has the power to not only strengthen your high but also make it last longer. Mangoes are a delicious and healthy way to curb your munchies while ensuring your high is as strong as it can be and sticks around for as long as possible.
So what are you waiting for? Head to the grocery store, pick up some mangoes, and give this internet myth a try for yourself!

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