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CBD Oil And Cats with Anxiety: What You Need to Know

CBD Oil And Cats with Anxiety: What You Need to Know

CBD Oil And Cats with Anxiety: What You Need to Know     

In today's world, cats are at risk of living in a stress-inducing environment. Stress has been recognized as the primary cause of disease, resulting in everything from digestive problems to even hair loss.

Veterinarians have begun recognizing that CBD is a natural and safe treatment for cats' anxiety. 

CBD is an element of cannabis with no psychoactive effect on the body, unlike THC. CBD counteracts THC's adverse consequences. CBD also has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. 

It means it works to fight against inflammation and protect the brain from degeneration or damage. 

There are three different ways to use CBD for cats anxiety, including allowing you to prevent it.

What Is the Argument For CBD Oil And Cats with Anxiety?

1. Preventing It from Happening

You may not realize that what you're doing every day is causing your cat stress and anxiety, but this is likely the case if they are indoor cats.

Cats have a rigorous routine. They wake up, they eat breakfast, and then they play. They usually take about 20 minutes to eat their food and follow it with some exercise before napping for a few hours in the afternoon. After that, they enjoy being petted or playing with their owners until it's bedtime.

With stress-inducing factors like your neighbor's dog barking or you leaving for work at the same time each day, your cat will begin to dread these events and develop stress and anxiety over them just like a person does.

This type of stress is unhealthy and can lead to even worse problems in the future.

CBD allows you to prevent your cat from experiencing stress and anxiety by correcting the problem before it starts. Your kitty will still have a routine but won't dread what happens during certain times of the day because CBD works to calm them down.

2. Helping You Treat Existing Stress and Anxiety Symptoms

Cats diagnosed with chronic stress and anxiety shouldn't be ignored. When you ignore the symptoms, they get even worse and can lead to severe depression, excessive weight loss, and other major health concerns.

For cats who have developed these problems from their everyday environment, CBD oil and cats treats them just like it does to prevent future stress and anxiety issues. It helps calm the cat down to relax and enjoy their days again.

3. Treating Symptoms of Other Health Problems

CBD is an all-around health supplement for cats. It's excellent at preventing stress and anxiety, but it has also been linked to treating other health problems.

Some of them are explained below.

1) CBD May Treat Arthritis

A study was done to test how CBD would affect arthritis in lab rats. The results found that CBD led to a decrease in inflammation, pain sensation, and the progression of arthritis.

2) Helps with Inflammation Issues

CBD reduces inflammation by blocking the release of certain pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body. It has been effective in treating arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, making it helpful for cat's skin conditions like dermatitis or hair loss.

3) CBD May Help with Seizures

CBD effectively reduced seizures in rats with epilepsy. It is still not recommended to give your cat marijuana, but taking this supplement yourself or giving it to your cat could reduce or eliminate seizures. 

The Colorado State University conducted a small study on dogs with epilepsy and found that 89 percent of dogs given CBD had fewer seizures.

4) CBD Prevents Cancer

CBD is a non-toxic compound with anti-proliferative properties, which means it stops cancer cells from spreading and developing in the body. Evidence shows that CBD effectively fights against oral cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

5) May Treat Liver Disease in Cats

According to a study on lab mice, CBD protects the liver from ischemia-reperfusion injury, which is damaged during a period of oxygen deprivation. It can be caused by things like overfeeding or exposure to poisonous chemicals.

CBD is not only an excellent supplement for your cat's health, but it also prevents stress and anxiety. If a cat shows signs of stress or anxiety, it could be caused by its environment or other health problems treated with CBD.

With this excellent supplement at your disposal, you shouldn't let your cat suffer from stress and anxiety any longer.

Different Ways to Administer CBD to Your Cat

CBD isn't recommended for cats younger than 12 weeks old. If your cat is young, consult with a veterinarian before using it.

Now that you already know all the great benefits of CBD and how it treats stress and anxiety in cats, you're probably thinking about purchasing some for your furry friend. There are different ways to give CBD for cats anxiety, each with its benefits.

The hemp oil tincture is the most recommended way because it's fast-acting and easy to dispense. However, you might want to stick with something simple like CBD in treats or oils mixed in with a cat's food to ensure compliance.

Here are the different methods you can give CBD to your cat.

1) Tincture

You can dispense a full dropper of this oil into your cat's mouth or mix it with their food. The oil is easy to administer and tastes great, but it does have a strong taste for cats.

2) Oil or CBD in Food

If your cat doesn't eat the hemp oil, you can get CBD into their system through food. You can purchase CBD-infused treats and mix them with your cat's meals to make sure they get their daily dosage of CBD. 

It is very convenient because it means less work for you. However, you might want to consider using something like a tincture if your cat doesn't like the taste of hemp oil.

3) CBD Capsules and Tablets

You can purchase some capsules or tablets that contain 10 mg of CBD. Different flavors require more work when giving them to your cat because you have to open the capsule or break it into pieces.

4) CBD Edibles for Cats

CBD edibles are one of the best methods to give your cat this supplement because they already come in treat form. You don't have to measure out doses or mix anything with their food; you can give them plain CBD edibles.


CBD is an excellent supplement that can treat a multitude of ailments in your cat. It's not only great for stress and anxiety, but it also treats other health concerns like arthritis, epilepsy, cancer, and liver disease.



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