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Chameleon Glass an accessible and affordable solution to your smoking problems.

Chameleon Glass

Chamaeleon Glass is a popular name in the glass pipe industry. They are considered the benchmark for quality glass pipes. The company was first started in California, and later on, moved to Arizona. They have different kinds of accessories to pioneer innovative smoking techniques.

They manufacture unique glass pipes of high quality and mesmerizing designs. One can get amazed at the designs of Chameleon glass pipes. One can get a variety of glass pipes according to one’s budget and smoking preferences.

Most of the stoners prefer glass pipes as it enhances the flavor of weed. An ardent glass pipe user must know something about chameleon glass because of their popularity.

Chameleon Glass Pipes for Every Smoking Style:

The chameleon color-changing glass was experimented in 1980 using a silver and gold fuming process. It was seen that applying a thin layer of silver or gold produces a color change in a glass when using these pipes for smoking. The glass does not change color.

The change of color depends upon the resin built up in the glass and the number of times you used it for smoking. If you are a frequent glass pipe user, the color of your glass pipe will change quickly. Some pipes only show a change in color while others have various designs that come up like magic as time passes.

Chameleon glass first designed ash catcher pipe in 2002. It is a simple pipe having a carb on the mouthpiece ensuring that you won’t inhale any remnants after smoking. Its main job is to catch the ash, debris, and resin while smoking the pipe.

Chameleon glass also designed hand pipes with 3D designs. It was similar to a regular hand pipe but was made of thicker glass. After cooling the pipes artists use various carving techniques that give them a mesmerizing look.

No matter what your smoking preferences are, whether you need a glass hand pipe, bong, dab rig or any other smoking accessories Chameleon Glass has everything you need to make your smoking enjoyable and smoother.

Chameleon Glass vs. Other Smoking Accessories:

If you want a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience and are worried about which smoking products to use. Let me ease the process for you, the comparison of Chameleon glass and other smoking accessories will remove all your perplexities and will give you a clear idea of which item to buy.

Comparison of Chameleon glass with Regular Glass:

In the market, you can easily find glass pipes made up of Chameleon glass and borosilicate glass. The two prior mentioned glass pipes are safe to use as they do not emit toxic chemicals and maintain the flavor of cannabis.

You can find a variety of borosilicate glasses in different colors. When you use it, the color of the pipe will never change no matter how frequently you use it. Borosilicate is used to make rigs, bubblers, bongs, regular pipes, and chillums.

If you are using Chameleon glass pipes, their color will change with the passage of time depending upon the frequency of its use. This glass is of higher quality when compared to Borosilicate glass. They are available in different designs and colors in an affordable price range. This glass is used for the manufacturing of various smoking tools.

Chameleon Glass Pipes and Bongs:

Chameleon glass is particularly famous among the youth due to its cool effects, which you can experience every time you smoke. It can be used to make various smoking devices from simple water pipes to steamrollers, spoon pipes, bubblers, chillums, and bongs. It is very versatile as you can use it to make a variety of smoking tools.

Why use Chameleon Glass rather than other smoking devices:

Following are the reasons why you should prefer Chameleon Glass rather than other smoking devices:

  • Chameleon glass is the best to make any kind of smoking tool. While using these tools you don’t need to worry about your safety as the material is natural and once the resin or dirt gathers in it, it starts changing its color. You don’t need to think about any adverse effects that heating a glass may cause.
  • Chameleon glass is preferable for smoking accessories to any other material as you can choose from various designs, and styles according to your smoking preferences. You can find hundreds of options to choose from.
  • They are available in artistic and intricate styles as they are like art pieces, not just regular pipe. All the Chameleon glass accessories are easy to clean. Because of the variety, safety, artistic style, and affordability, one should prefer Chameleon glass accessories over other materials.

Chameleon Glass and Innovation:

Chameleon Glass has a slogan of “Real People, Real Innovation”. It is not merely a slogan but a real concept. Its standards are unmatched in the glass industry. Every product undergoes evolution based on trial and error.

A number of quality tests are performed using polariscopes and light to detect any cracks. The imperfect and faulty glass is never delivered to the customers. Every product of Chameleon glass passes strict standards before going to the marketplace. You can find prototypes and cool innovative designs of various smoking accessories on the Chameleon glass website.

It offers a 100% money-back guarantee to its customers. If you doubt the quality of their product you can send it back without worrying about anything. Chameleon glass is made in the USA and it ensures the high quality and durability of its products.

The company is focused on innovation and artistic designs. Its signature pipes that change color after use have a coating of copper, gold, platinum, and silver. The glasses first pass a number of quality tests to ensure that they are resistant to breaking. You can’t find any more innovative products than at Chameleon glass.

Chameleon glass offers a wholesale glass to various online sites, ensuring an affordable price range for its customers. It does not use MAP pricing unlike other popular brands making its products affordable for a range of customers.

Chameleon Glass has brought various innovations to the glass industry. Some of the innovations are mentioned below:

Ash Catcher Glass:

Chameleon introduced its first ash catcher in 2002 in various glass pipes, bongs, and one-hitters. It is a smoking accessory that traps resin, ash, and dust and prevents them from reaching the smoker’s mouth.

Glass Wood:

Glass wood made by Chameleon looks as if they are hand-carved wood. You can find various customized pieces like character offerings and Tiki.

Typhoon and Monsoon Percolators:

They have integrated percolators into rigs, bongs, and pipes. This innovation can transform the handheld piece into a water pipe.

Absolute Zero Glass Pipes:

Handheld pipes have integrated coil condensers in Absolute Zero Glass Pipes that offer you a smoother smoking experience in a portable device.

Chameleon Glass and Sustainability

One of the significant features of Chameleon glass is its sustainability. This glass can be cleaned and sterilized multiple times. Chameleon glasses are eco-friendly and provide us with an environmental friendly smoking experience. If you order Chameleon glass online they come in sustainable boxes.  All these glass products are bio-degradable leading to sustainable and eco-friendly smoking.