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Differences between MoonRocks and SunRocks

Differences between MoonRocks and SunRocks

Sunrock VS Moonrock: A current social media craze involves modifying buds using certain processes that can greatly increase their THC contents. The distinctions between Sunrocks and Moonrocks are many, owing to the fact that they are created using two entirely different techniques, have various THC levels, and appear extremely different.

What are MoonRocks vs SunRocks?

Weed Moonrocks appears to be little, moss-colored stones at first glance. In truth, these densely packed cannabis buds have been coated in cannabis oil extracts before being entirely covered in weed kief. 

A Sunrock is the more refined and mature big brother of moonrock. Sunrocks are formed from the same layering as moonrocks, but WITH a few key variations that increase the strength of these nugs to an astonishing 80 percent THC in certain situations!

The layers determine the distinctions between the two. If you're not clear what those layers comprise, here are the fundamentals:

Layer 1: Ganja Flower

This is exactly as it sounds like: the dried, cured cannabis that most people are familiar with. It's what's crushed up to do joints with or smoke in a glass pipe. There is no particular strain of weed flower connected with moonrocks. Each layer can also be created from a separate strain.

Sunrocks, on the other hand, are connected with OG cannabis flower,which is a family of strains with distinct flavor, fragrance, and sedative effects. And not just any OG strain is used to make sunrocks. Sunrocks are often manufactured with only top-tier cannabis, which has a hefty price tag and strength. 

Layer 2: Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a concentrated form of marijuana. It is created by extracting the active compounds from the weed plant matter, culminating in a very strong product. There are several extraction procedures, none of which is specifically related to moonrocks. The honey-like viscosity of cannabis oil is crucial in binding the final coating of a cannabis moon rock in place.

Since sunrocks are the best choice, only pure, solvent-free cannabis oil is utilized..

Layer 3: Cannabis Kief

Kief is a powdery material that falls off the ganja bud and has a high concentration of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Moonrocks contain a substantially thicker covering of kief than sunrocks. If sunrocks were manufactured with any cannabis kief, they would not be the greater potency, higher-grade alternative to moonrocks. These weed sunrocks necessitate kief derived from top-tier, organically produced cannabis flower. 

Final word

To recap, the major difference in sunrocks vs moonrocks is quality and potency. Moonrocks are made using whatever products you’d like, of any quality. Sunrocks are a better alternative to moonrocks because they are made up of only high-quality weed and they have a high potency. However, regardless of whether you intend to use weed moorock or sunrock, it is important to note that their potency is much higher than the conventional high-potent weed strains. Therefore, you should be cautious when using them. 

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